A Little About The Man…

Guido Orlandi is the preferred cue repairman for the Men’s and Women’s professional billiards tour at the Sands Regency and the BCA and VNEA events.

Guido’s dedication to uncompromising quality is obvious in all his work and is sure to meet or exceed the expectations of even the most discriminating cue enthusiast.

Guido has been involved in the billiards industry for over 30 years. He has played professionally, served as a referee, Tournament Director, as well as cue repairman. Guido has studied pool with many people over the years including, Jerry Brice, Buddy Hall, Bobby Hunter, Pat Fleming, and many others.

Prior to taking on cue making and repairs full time, Guido was a machinist in a Prototype machine shop, where he regularly worked with tolerances appropriate to the aerospace industry. He also has experience in glass blowing, silversmithing, carving, and lapidary work. All of these things combined make Guido exceptional at meeting and exceeding your cue maintenance needs.